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Welcome to SILVER UKRAINE, the place to find inspired fashion jewelry affordably priced! Our stunning collection of fashion jewelry will indulge your senses and affordable prices will pamper your pocketbook. At SILVER UKRAINE you will find the most beautiful silver designs come with the touch of gold.

With 4 years of experience our company has been specialized in producing and exporting silver. Our constant goal is manufacturing and selling high quality silver with unique designs to our customers. Our silver jewelry colored with semiprecious stones(turquoise,malachite,amber,pearl.) We produce mostly hand made jewelry ,silver necklaces, silver earrings, silver bracelets, silver rings,silver pendants. A recognized national leader in fashion jewelry design SILVER UKRAINE offers 350 new styles of jewelry. Among a wide range of traditional designs there are few fashion styles that outmatch the rest. At our store we know what is hot in jewelry at the moment and help you to find a type of jewelry you want to accomplish you fashion goals. We appreciate you taking the time to shop our collections and hope you enjoy your visit.

Silver soldering to gold - a very rare combination of 2-precious metals in a single product and is not inferior, in our view, a simple product made of gold and thus is much cheaper. Soldering of gold, rather than spraying - a golden plate, which were soldered to the silver jewelry (ring, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, semi necklaces, crosses, pendants, etc.). And the result is you will be pleased, and the cost will be pleasantly surprised.

To view price list, please contact our manager on the phone. Maksim +380977027744

Silver Ukraine . We sell products both in the territory of Ukraine, as well as for export. Removal of silver jewelery made by an official scheme, all legally and documented. Detailed information can be found under the heading "How to buy"

All photo products are in the album.

How to contact us, see contacts.

Types of our products:

  • - Ring;

  • - Earrings;

  • - bracelets (bracelet can be ordered from any headset in the quantity of 10 pieces)

  • - pendants ( can be ordered from any headset in the quantity of 20 pieces)

  • - crosses;

  • - sex necklace;

  • - necklace;

EXCLUSIVE (we are ready for you to do something sort of interesting, individual, extraordinarily beautiful, and most importantly in units instvennom instance). Jewelry at wholesale prices are available when purchasing 10 thousand UAH. (For more details check with Maxima), making it easy to work with us, any type of wholesaler (from small to large).

Silver jewelry wholesale. Ukraine.

We sell products both in the territory of Ukraine, as well as for export. Removal of silver jewelery made by an official scheme, all legally and documented.

We provide the opportunity to purchase small quantities of jewelry in order for you to see which products are most popular in your shop or salon. For all of our clients who buy silver jewelry wholesale, discount scheme, the magnitude of which increases depending on volume purchases.

Silver jewelry wholesale produce highly qualified specialists. Interesting, fresh, having a "proper person" collection of jewelry will be part of your fine jewelry salon or shop. We offer a jewelry medium price range.

Silverware has always been part of the culture of the Slavic peoples. Ornaments, silver utensils, weapons, brocaded with s ... Read more »

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I wonder why everyone always blackens silver. Darkening of the silver does not necessarily occur in time socks, enough so that it lay for nearly a year. Under the influence of factors of humidity and drying (evaporation), and silver which is not in a sealed packet turn black. What happens is what we call oxidation, chemical reaction that promotes the emergence of a black plaque.

Just want to tell that to our clients, we can update the 3% previously sold products stale you have time to follow the purchase.

Exchange extends to regular customers, they also have the opportunity to polish the product from us.

Detailed information: Tel:+3 8 097 702 77 44

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Exclusive jewelry - this is what we offer to our clients. Very good and interesting things, we are ready to do it for you. Any size and complexity, there are some examples of orders that have already been made. View exclusive.

Work individually with each, may be fitting, fitting. All that you think should have the decoration will be done by our master.

The fastest-line order fulfillment, as well as high quality products in any form: with gold, precious stones, silver, etc. (Materials of the customer, the work now).

The most important thing in our work with you - this is what you say what you want, and we do the work. The size and complexity has no boundaries, for our masters all the strength, we will g ... Read more »
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Wedding Jewelry from silver.

Our products are perfectly suited for such top event like a wedding. ... Read more »
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